Monday, 17 October 2016

Is Hillary Clinton dead?

A damn good question
Four years ago after a fall and complaining of migraines, she saw a specialist. The verdict is she has a type of inoperable brain tumor that kills the victim in five years.

IF - big IF - we are to believe she had pneumonia when she went into the house. Why was she allowed out within an hour as a carrier of such a contagious disease? The lady who came out had no bodyguards near her either as she walked calmly out waving, yet Hi
llary Clinton was seen virtually falling into her van only minutes earlier.

There is a line of thought that she died after the 9/11 ceremony - the lady who came out of the house was NOT Hillary. Last week, a video was recorded "supposedly" at a convention, but on close examination of the phones shooting photos of HRC she cannot be seen, and many of the screens do NOT relate to the background of the arena.

Also, considering HRC doesn't like flashes and loud noises, there were a lot of flashlights going off and she was unperturbed.

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