Wednesday, 14 September 2016

So many outlets

Being an Indie Author costs a lot
Last night, a man in Rhode Island offered to promote my e-books. I had to decline the offer as I can't afford such luxuries on what I earn.

His primary offer was to provide 300 more followers on Twitter for a small price. I already have accounts on Google, Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Weebly, and Draft2Digital. On D2D, I have 35 e-books on seven sales forums, and I still fail to sell TEN e-books a month; I don't see how another 300 followers on Twitter is going to do anything, other than proving what I already know, the Internet is useless to me. If you think I am crass, consider this, of all the hundreds of people who read my blog less than 1% will buy my e-books. 

To my friends, the mass sales from Forgestriker class me as a bestseller. I wish I could think the same, but I base my worth reality on the sales in general, and they are virtually non-existent.

I wish I could believe what others do, but I keep asking myself - am I a bestseller? What do you think?

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