Friday, 9 September 2016


The banality of the Remoaners
"The Remoaners" are the people who wish to #RemainInEU, despite the obvious economic growth that #LeaveEU has brought to the UK.

These people want the UK to be shackled to the EU and to keep paying for the failures of the German economy, and the Euro

One of their key debating points is that leaving the EU would provide the money to build a hospital a week, but none have been constructed, so where is the money going? 

Sure, we could create masses of hospitals but what would be the point, when it takes years to train the staff. The next thing is we'd be accused of wasting money building empty buildings.

The whole point of #Brexit was saving the money, by not sending it to pay the German bills; why do you think they're so keen to keep us in the #EU?

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