Monday, 19 September 2016

Israel Today

A desire for peace

 It will come as no surprise to people who know me, to know I signed up for the magazine  Israel Today

  One of my reasons for reading the magazine is that the world's press, and in particular Facebook, never stop attacking Israel, while promoting Palestinian murderers.

As a writer, I like to be informed, and the best way to keep up with the news is to read reports from all angles and not rely on one source.

 My admiration for people who have built a modern state in an area of the world that still hasn't joined the world is boundless. To have created such a forward-looking nation - that leads the world in many sectors ofScience - amid the struggles for an Independent state shows their belief.

  Listening to today's broadcast, I have to disagree with the expert who says that #Brexit will weakenEurope. Europe is on the point of collapse, and staying to pay the bills of the German economy is suicidal for the UK. He also said the USA wanted the UK to stay in to ensure a "strong Europe." Europe isn't strong, and never will be until each country can run its territory and not be told what to do be people who don't live there.

  One of the items today mentioned that Israel is on the brink of civil war, sadly, this is true, but it has been true for many years with the chasm between the modern Jews and the Orthodox Jews.

 I had always wanted to visit Israel.

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