Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Donald Trump
This post will probably upset some people, and I make no apologies. You only need to see what is happening in Europe to realise the need to protect our countries.
Stockholm was once a beautiful city; now it's the rape centre of the world.The Finns are deporting thousands of Muslims a week in an attempt to stem the rising crime rate, and Norway has said it is willing to close the border with Sweden when Sweden falls to Islam - which is not far away as Stockholm has become a hive of no-go areas the police are afraid to enter, and people are warned to stay indoors after work hours.

Germany admits to losing track of over 60,000 Muslims in the last three months. If you need further proof that these people are terrorists - have you forgotten Paris, Nice, and Brussels?

If these terrorists aren't stopped, I see only one course of action open; that is a nuclear attack on Europe to save what is remaining of our heritage.

I am not a supporter of Donald Trump, the man's mannerisms and bombastic attitude, not to mention his rudeness I find offensive. But, he does make a valid point about National Security in a time of international terrorism. 

The "refugees" people are so worried about are no more than an invasion force. There are no women, children or senior citizens - only men of fighting age - some of whom claim to be children to beat the restrictions on immigration.

I support the building of the Great Wall of Calais, because if the UK doesn't block the invasion within five years there will be enough Syrians to fill Scotland (5 million), and most won't have jobs or money, so who's paying for their free stay?

If wanting to protect our country from an invasion makes me a racist, then so be it. I prefer to think of myself as a British Nationalist.

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