Tuesday, 27 September 2016

A winner?

A long time ago, in a different life.

Yes, the certificate is mine for writing an award-winning story. That was four years ago, and other than my success with Forgestriker, my work hasn't sold. 

Over the years, I had thought what would I do if I won on the lottery? A moot question, as I don't do the lottery, and the chance to win is so small. 

  These days, with failing health, most of my bucket list is not possible. 

   The first thing I'd do is clear the family's debt and buy us a new cooker. Then, I'd buy myself a fridge for my work area. 

   The one thing on my list that could be possible is buying some covers, and publishing a book so that I can see one of my stories on the shelf.
    If my health wasn't so bad, and getting worse, I might have considered a University course for journalism, but age is against me.

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