Friday, 19 August 2016

Shorts only

What is the point?

I know that I'm more than capable of writing stories over 35,000 words long but why should I?

When I wrote my award-winning e-book, and it failed to sell after three months - I said part of the reason is the present reading public doesn't have the attention span of previous generations because of video games.

 This situation is the root of my series "The Word"

 Four years later, I stand by my words as I take another longer read off the shelves - A Sailor's Love - took over 14 months to write, and despite some friends of a friend saying they'd buy a copy; over a year later not one sale has taken place.

 This post from three years ago is as valid now as it was when I wrote the article; the only difference is that the time in between has hardened my views, and I couldn't care if my work is bought.

 I decided to write only short stories because what is the point of dedicating my time and talent to a story nobody will want?

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