Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Paying the cost

Brexit - did it mean anything? 
After the continued good news about Brexit, there is now some seriously bad news. It appears there may be a second referendum

If the second referendum happens, Mrs. May's tenure will go down as shorter then Mr.Cameron's final moments as PM. Should a second vote be called, the day will be noted as the day Democracy died. In the Brexit aftermath, the people of the UK will realise that the UK is NOT a democracy.

Mrs May stands on the verge of destroying the Tory party if she goes ahead and forces the UK to remain in the EU. This tactic already brought her predecessor, David Cameron, to his knees. There is NO reason for the UK to stay in the EU, other than to bail the Germans out of another financial mess.

How can a country be classed as democratic, when the government of the people goes against the wishes of the majority. If we stay in the failed EU, there is one certainty, and that is that future generation is doomed to pay for Mrs Merkel's failures. Her policies have caused a Fourth Reich for the German people. Only this time it's a thousand years of misery to recover from her mistakes, the situation is so bad the population have started rising against her all over the country.

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