Friday, 1 January 2016

Welcome to 2016


Like medical staff, the police and security services, I don't get today off. I lost too many days through various appointments and ill health last year, and now I have a schedule to keep to, I can't afford to relax.

Pain knows no days. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, Easter or any day of any week of any month of the year, my back still feels like it has a knife wedged in the spine and slight movement causes intense pain.

I have various ongoing projects, one is for a man in New York, he wants me to ghostwrite an 80,000 word novel along the lines of #GameofThrones Beyond the knowledge that the series is written by a well-known #Fantasy writer, and is a hugely popular series of both books and programmes, I am lost as I don't watch much TV.

A second - and more likely to pay - project, is a series of short (4,000-word) #supernatural stories I've been asked to write for a man in #Norway

Added to these is my work which includes various short stories from my vault of unpublished works, and some extended new works. Sadly, the new year brings with it the news that Mark Johnson & Patti Canella will no longer be for sale. 

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