Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The art of the blurb

My definition of a blurb is that it's like a taster for the pie - a small sample to tempt the buyer. It isn't a synopsis.

A synopsis is what you would send a publisher, this details all the major/minor events in the story and the relationships between the characters. This is done to give the publisher enough information to know a market to pitch the story. 

The two-minute window
This is how long you have to catch a buyer. 
You need a good cover, eye-candy is vital for the first step for a sale. 
Stage 2 is a catchy title - not more than five or six words.
Finally, a good blurb to link the title to the cover. 

 I used to be good at writing blurbs, two of my best blurbs enabled the writers to gain contracts in magazines - but I never even got a thank you note from either of the writers.

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