Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Oh ye, of little faith

That would be me LOL 

 I didn't believe it when I won the award, even when I had the certificate in my hand. 

I didn't think I had a hope-in-hell of winning a  #writing contract with Upwork. Why would I believe it? 

I was competing against people against people who had degrees, years of experience and had been on courses. 

 Me - just a vivid imagination - driven by coffee and fuelled by a schoolboy's dream, supported all the way by a few loyal friends, who never doubted my ability. 

The result
 Despite a lack of qualifications and money for eye-catching book covers or publicity, I triumphed by the sheer wildness of my weirdly wired mind. 

In the end, I beat my own theory that to have an opportunity, you need the money and education to push yourself out there.

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