Monday, 4 January 2016

My unwritten catalogue

The end of the ghost stories
As I stated in my last past, from now on, I won't be putting any ghost stories out for sale. 

I shall continue to write them for a friend who enjoys my style and for my Norwegian client in Project Ghostwrite

The new policy will take a significant effect on the works in the unwritten catalogue, about 50% of the stories I have on file are from the days when I thought people liked my ghost stories. 

The answer
 For some time, I've questioned the worth of my ghost stories. Not only as popular items but concerning their intrinsic value in the arena of writing. I have often asked, "Is there a desire for an old-fashioned ghost story in the modern world?" 

In my heart, I guess I knew the answer before I asked the question, there aren't many people writing that style anymore. The tendency these days is for sex, violence and bloodletting. I did try to write a story about the undead - and succeeded - if it had sold there was a sequel in my mind. 

My erotica story Sexual Explosions was written as the start of a short series but again there was no interest - despite its popularity online - with over 3,000 reading in less than three months. 

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