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This image of Hilary Clinton taken at the Benghazi Committee inquest is how I feel about the site Upwork - formerly Odesk
Many people rated Elance highly until they joined with the rogue firm Odesk and changed the name to Upwork. You can change a name but the practices are still the same. 

 My problem is the writing I do isn't selling, so, I looked for work online. The last time I used Odesk, I stopped using them as they left a bad taste in my mouth, the site is flooded with Asians who are no more than scam artists I say this because I've done three jobs on there and haven't been paid.

I'll check you out before I think
The latest contact came yesterday, I was contacted by a young man who quotes Blackstone Books as the client, and lives in Anaheim, California  My practice these days is to do a background check to verify the situation, here are my findings. 

Blackstone books have two stores online, one is a Muslim bookstore in East London and the other is in Hyderabad, India. In these days, I realise you can work and not be close to the venue - after all, my editor lives in Seattle

I may be being too cynical but who can blame me, when most sites looking for online work are flooded with requests from Asians wanting something for nothing. The last man got three days from me for free. Don't worry, although this man was asking for a serious example of my work - all he got was a short story from three years ago that never sold - if he wants to change the name and sell it as his, he is welcome.

I can see why some writers don't like to ghostwrite, you do the work and somebody else gets the credit for it. We get one payment, whether the book bombs or is a hit. One reason I am willing to ghostwrite is for a while I had ambitions about joining the Association of Ghostwriters, to be accepted I needed to be vouched for by two people I'd worked for. 

 Despite being Muslims, many of the requests coming from Asian men on Upwork are for hard sex stories. I have no qualms writing erotic love stories - my last e-novella A Sailor's Love - is an erotic romance, I'm not sure I could write erotica though that is one reason I turned down a contract in 2012

Since the day I turned the offer down from Horny Devil Publishing, I've second guessed myself,, until now. Out of curiosity, I checked a link to the site. The link to the front page works, if you attempt to go inside there are no links. Whether they got shut down for being too vague and promoting sex that people thought was dubious, or they closed down because their writers weren't making money is open to debate. I remember my friend Yezall telling me, she made more self-promoting than she did from Horny Devil Publishing House sales. 

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