Saturday, 5 December 2015

Rescued from the North Sea

Real heroes
The brave men of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute go out in all weathers to rescue ships is distress - sadly these brave men are more often asked to save stupid people - who think that being a member of the yacht club and being rich enables you to be classed as a sailor.

I come from four generations of fishermen, and the one thing I maintain is a healthy respect for the sea, she is like a lady. She can be beautiful, but she can also be tempestuous if you're not careful.

During the 1970's, one of my late uncles was involved in the rescue of some Polish sailors. Their ship had got stranded on a sandbar at the mouth of the River Tees.

Lifeboat heroes
My story m/book/45659 is a fictional account of the events of the rescue that took place on a cold October day. The accident depicted at the start of the story is also from my family history as it happened to my late Uncle John.

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