Sunday, 6 December 2015

One hit wonder

And then there was none

Spirit in the sky
 This classic track from the 1970's was a hit for Norman Greenbaum and has been recorded by other artists since - in my opinion - the best cover is by The Kentucky Headhunters at Farm Aid After this, he faded into obscurity as the age of peace, love and tranquility gave way to heavy metal demons. 

 I feel like I'm going the same way - a one-hit wonder - though my series is doing well (580 e-books sold). Only one of the seven books in the series has done well, the title book - Forgestriker. Not only that but of the 49 e-books I have on sale at Draft2Digital, only Forgestriker is selling. 

The Old Church ghosts
 I should be grateful, for a while I thought I'd be remembered for Old Church ghosts I refer to this story as "That story" because I never liked it, this may explain why it became so popular.

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