Wednesday, 9 December 2015


I don't see myself as a bestselling writer of #scifi and I doubt the day will come, when I do see myself as a bestseller - I'm too self-effacing to allow myself the title. I am no more than a poor scribe, a wordsmith plying my trade for a few nickels & dimes.

To some of my friends, I have become a successful writer with my series amassing nearly 600 e-book sales in the last 18 months. But, it is only this week that some of the lesser known stories have started to sell again. As the series is associated with the name Forgestriker, it isn't surprising that the book of the title has become my #BestSelling e-book.

Ghost stories
 As much as I enjoy the success of the series, I would like to get back to writing @GhostAdventures, they still are my passion, and the stories on which my reputation is founded. I have many ideas for new stories, including a new version of my last e-novella A Sailor's Love The 100-page story that took over 14 months to complete. 

The new version features my friend, the lovely #JaneyKirk - - on the cover. 

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