Wednesday, 9 December 2015

I didn't get off the last boat from Syria

I'm 60 and a hardass Yorkshireman

Last night's attempt to elicit my e-book A Sailor's Love without paying for it was futile beyond belief When I applied for the job, I sent a copy of Sexual Explosions, SE took only a couple of days to write and is no loss to me if he chose to change the name and title as it never sold.

If he thought asking for another reading sample would induce me to hand over 14 months of work - he's dumber than I expected - this is the fourth time in a year a Muslim tried to con me. Is there any wonder I don't trust them?

Desperate as I am for a writing job and some sales, I would avoid Upwork like the plague. My contact with the site leads me to believe they are nothing more than a front for Asians looking to con innocent, struggling writers.

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