Friday, 4 December 2015

I am not ashamed of my thoughts

The apocryphal dream
I wasn't going to tell you about this incident - I'm not ashamed of it - I didn't think anyone would be interested. 

Earlier this week, I visited my doctor - ostensibly to talk about my back pains - during the visit he mentioned that I'd sent an email concerning my #MentalHealth. I was seriously worried I was going insane, or at least had some #Neuralogy issues that needed to be brought to mind.

I am no stranger to either bad migraines, or weird dreams but for over a week I had been having violent migraines that left me in pain for hours, and weird dreams every other night that left me uneasily thinking of their meanings.

One such dream was about a warship that had been torpedoed and was sinking. The ship was going down with guns blazing; before the funnels fell off the ship broke apart in chunks similar to the blocks that make up television images. 

I took this dream to represent my life as a writer falling apart before my eyes. 

I seriously had thoughts - and still - that I should have committed myself to an institute. But, there's the catch - like the book Catch 22 - if you are sane enough to think you should be classed as insane, then you are not insane, or am I?

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