Saturday, 19 December 2015

Double Standards

The nature of the beast

Tonight, I left another Facebook group, this time because the admin rule by double standards. What do I mean?

I was under the impression we were not allowed to promote our work, and yet, I've noticed several people blatantly allowed to do this while my small post about my writing job got blocked. One man had a photoshoot picture on the page. 

If you're going to block my SP, then do it for everyone; likewise, if you allow some to self-promote, within reason we all should have been allowed. 

 Now you see why I don't join in This isn't a rarity, I've noticed this type of "selective posting" not only on Facebook but all over. I realise the page's admin has the final say - I rarely blocked anyone on my old page - but if you set rules, they should apply to everybody.

Although the group was large, I won't miss the possible coverage because I've found that often in these groups, there are a few who contribute.

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