Monday, 7 December 2015

Can I live with myself?

A new age of ethics
Chasing the dollar
Until now, the main thing holding me back has been my strict ethical code of not writing about things I don't use, all that changes in the New Year. 

I have been asked in the past by Asians to write about things ranging from sex stories to online gambling, until now I considered most were scams - especially after getting ripped off by two people for work I did and didn't get paid. That is one reason I don't apply for online writing jobs.

There is a lot of money to be made writing reviews, who cares if I haven't been to the place I promote? Gone are the days when I cared, or worried the falsehood would damage my reputation as a writer. To damage a reputation, you need to have one to be damaged, and I have no reputation to damage -

I can make three months wages in one article - can I live with myself? Hell, yeah! 

 If you've seen my covers, you'll recognize one factor there are no sexual images on the covers, this is another thing holding my sales down - that is going to change next year. 

Moral compass
 While my ethics has been my guide in the past, they have also cost me dearly, in 2012 I turned down my only contract offer because I wasn't happy with what I was asked to write.

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