Saturday, 26 December 2015

Best of 2015 on Amazon


Yesterday was the best day for sales I've had on @Amazon for two years, even if it was only two sales. These sales also mean this month is the best on #Amazon

All my top three #bestseller e-books have sold this month.

My alternate history story that started life as a failed entry in a writing contest is by far my best seller. For some reason, it always does well around #Christmas, the previous best month featured several sales of this book and was in January of 2013.

This #Steampunk mystery based on the real mystery of the disappearance in the late 1920's of Lord Percy Fawcett did get entered in the same contest as Holding Richmond but didn't get in the anthology. My story is based on my favorite explanation of his disappearance and was the most talked about reason for the mystery. I am in the #WIP stage of writing another steampunk story based on another Victorian mystery.

Nerja is a Native American #Spirtual story of two men in an aircraft flying across #Canada in an airplane with fuel problems. I wrote a sequel to this short story called Glacier of Death. The sequel is set on the Yellowknife oil fields. 

The cover to the book is a photo I took on my last night with my lovely friend, Faye, in @LacLaBiche, in #Alberta on November 2009.

This story started life as an airplane mystery that would have been set in #England. I was watching a music video of a small plane flying over #Manchester and the idea came to me. What would happen if the plane disappeared from sight with all those buildings around?

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