Thursday, 3 December 2015

Any offers?

Sexy ladies 
A change of policies. 

My philosophy had been NEVER to sell out, or to follow trends. I have tried this for four years, and in reality the plan failed. 

Although Forgestriker (the book) is a huge success story, the series as flopped, as did the rest of my work. 

To some people, the success of the series made me a bestseller, but to me the mass sales of one book in over 45 doesn't mean much.

 I know where my books fall down, I can't afford nice covers with eye-catching images. Most of my covers come from my years as a photographer - hence they're in dull black & white. 

I do know how to attract custom, but in the past I avoided the use of semi-clad bodies for my books - that was then, this is now - in the new year all that will change.

In the future, I am going to add images of sexy ladies to the covers of my books. So, if there are any ladies who'd like to be considered for the covers you can contact me on

I don't write erotic, but I do write erotic romances. All the books will be tastefully written and any sexual content will be part of the story, not the main story and it won't be graphic sexuality. 

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