Saturday, 5 December 2015

A self destructive pattern

Blasting News

You may recall I turned down an offer to write for an online magazine Other than not wishing to write celebrity gossip, there were other issues involved. 

 These links are essential to the growth of any brand if all you allow is links to your site - as this group do - you are doing no more than swilling the same news around and not expanding your brand. To further explain what I mean, here is an example. 

If I am allowed to add my blog/ book links to posts to increase my available coverage, I am more likely to add linkbacks to their site. If I am not allowed, then I won't help the site.

 A couple of years ago, I had two articles published on for which I got payment for being published. Added to this was if my post got over 1,000 readers I would get further payments - this didn't happen - the situation on Blasting News is I would get paid when/if my posts got over 1,000 reads. 

On Yahoo, I got £20 per article published. If I joined Blasting News, the rate would be $12 for every 1,000 reads of my posts - not a chance of any payment as far as I can foresee. 

By not allowing outside links on their pages, they are severely restricting the possibilities of expanding their brand. I am always willing to help promote others if they are willing to help me. Until two years ago, I did far more promotion than I do now.

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