Thursday, 10 December 2015

450 readers

An awful lot of nothing
A good page to read
New records for readers were set yesterday with 450 pages read - I should be pleased - but I'm not. 

As always, this goes to prove my theory that people will read anything as long as it's free. 

I closed my Wordpress blog as nobody was interested in reading it, and to be honest; I may as close this one. There are plenty of bloggers out in cyberspace who are willing to write to please their followers. I thought I had something to say, but all I got left with is a bad feeling in my gut and the taste of burned ash in my mouth. 

 I seriously thought of becoming a #Muslim tonight, after all, the internet is buzzing with them like bees around a jar of honey. I thought if I can get in on the action and write for their taste I might sell some books because nothing is moving otherwise and all we hear is how many they are, compared to how few have joined  #ISIS is in comparison. 

The Islamic population is so vast; it is a fool's errand not to write the books they like. To hell with what you feel like writing Chase the dollar. In the new year, I'm adopting a new stance, which would have left me cold in the past but hey, the bottom line is IF it sells, write it.

Of course, that all depends on if I'm writing after the new year, as they say, "That's in the hands of the Gods."

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