Wednesday, 2 December 2015

300 readers

My creditability 
Some of my readers may question yesterday's decision to turn down a possibly lucrative writing opportunity if you read this article all will become clear to you. 

300 readers
On a good day this blog can attract over 300 readers, in part I recognise this is because it's free but I would like to think you read it because I keep the content varied and not trashy. If you want celebrity gossip - I'm sure there are plenty of people writing it - not me. 

If I had chosen to write for Blasting News, all I would have been doing is pushing links for over news items on the site, this would not have enhanced either my work or my reputation as a serious writer. 

The older generation will recognise this phrase "I like to think of my style as Kolchak, not Dear Emily."

In short, I like to think I can entertain you with my variety, in order to do this I rarely put celebrity news on here, and I put links to other sites to add interest; by adding outside links you raise your visibility on the net. 

Financial loss
 On the down side, I may have lost an opportunity to make money - I don't think I have - the payment plan was worse than the articles I had published on two years ago. At least on Yahoo I got paid £20 for having the article published. On BN, I would have to get over 1,000 readers to get $12, to put that in perspective I made more than that from my writing last year. I sold nearly 600 e-books and made over $120.

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