Monday, 23 November 2015

Why Bother 2

The depression hits in
For months, I've been trying to answer the question - why bother?

Some writers will tell you, we write because we like to tell stories; others will say storytelling in an art few people can master - I was one of those who learned the art.

 On an exceptional month, I make the grand sum of $10. The rich part of this is compared to some of my colleagues - I'm considered a bestseller. Such is the sad world I dwell in. 

Time after time I ask the same question, as yet I have not found an answer that satisfies me. 

Being forced to accept that people aren't willing to pay for my work, yet you'll happily read the blog for free is a bitter pill to swallow.

At the end of the week, I shall have to end my link with Grammarly. In easy to understand terms, I would be paying three times what I get a month - on a good month - to maintain the standard of writing. The site is well worth the $20 a month fee for the quarter plan, but I don't make that much most quarters. 

My other blog at is still open for reading, that used to get well over five times the readers this blog does, but I was forced to stop writing it because I couldn't afford the upkeep. 

The only good thing about this blog is that it is FREE. It costs me only a few minutes of my time to give YOU pleasure. 

 As my worst month closes, I wonder if this time next month I will be writing, or if I will care if I don't write again

Blog title
 If you wondered where the title of the blog came from, or what it means here is your answer. Four years ago, I got the title from a thought, I thought I was on the edge of a breakthrough; four years later and I am on the edge of quitting writing, what a turnaround.

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