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There is no curse

The Kennedy's against Communism

The deaths of three members of a prominent family are likely to start any numbers of rumours, but when viewed further the deaths of John, Robert and the Edward Kennedy accident are no more than they appear at first sight. A series of unconnected deaths liked by one family. 

To fully understand the nature of the beast, you need to put yourself in the age in which the first two events occurred - the 60's. In the UK, it was a time of fun with the beatniks, mods and the rise of The Beatles - music's first supergroup.

In the USA, things were far from peaceful, with the rise of folk heroes like Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and the folk movement speaking out against The Vietnam War

 'Ich bin ein Berliner.'
  The much remembered quote from John Kennedy, on June 26th, 1963 Was said to a crowd of Germans still living in fear of the Russians. US support for Germany was vital to its resurgence after World War 2. Europe was still licking its wounds, and as is the aftermath of World War 1 depended on American cash to withstand the rise of communism.

The Bay of Pigs incident
 Two years earlier, John Kennedy brought the world to the brink of a catastrophe when he approved the invasion of Cuba This action to back the CIA-backed invasion upset the military leaders, men who had once supported him, now turned against JFK

With growing anti-Vietnam feeling in the college campuses, one of the worst instances of anti-war feeling happened at Kent State University and a military led by officers who didn't back him, JFK was becoming an encumbrance to the people at a time when they needed a decisive leader.

 Before his assassination, JFK was about to impeach Lyndon Johnson for misuse of funds. What better way to kill the impeachment order than kill the President. The impeachment never came to light because Johnson got elected in the wake of Kennedy's death, but the evidence remains locked away.

Oswald was a CIA patsy
 The world was told Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK, but why was he killed by gangster Jack Ruby, a man he'd never met? 

 In my opinion, Ruby shot Oswald so that Oswald wouldn't tell the truth about the assassination. 

 The lone gunman
 Not a conspiracy - view the tapes - you can clearly see the extra recoil from a bullet. There is also the mystery of the man with an umbrella up on a sunny day. The timing of the second shot is slightly out because Oswald saw the signal as he was looking straight at the man, whereas the shooter on the knoll was at an angle and had no clear sighting. 

With all the furore going on over Oswald, this gave the second gunman his chance to disappear into the crowd and become a part of the unsolved mysteries of our world - like D.B.Cooper.

Oswald was set up to look like a Communist with trips to Russia in the months before the shooting, but the real killers were closer to home. 

Who ordered the shooting we'll never know - in my opinion - it wasn't a Communist plot.

Marilyn Monroe
 As well as becoming a problem for the country, JFK's dalliance's were becoming an issue for both his family and the Democratic Party. Marilyn said she'd had left Joe Di Maggio if JFK had asked her to marry him. 

Robert Kennedy 
 The assassination of Senator Robert Kennedy less than two years after his brother John raised questions. Why was his route changed at the last minute? Taking a high-profile Senator through an unguarded kitchen was an unnecessary risk unless you had a plan.

When you are an attorney, you make enemies and the more you rise in the judicial arena, the bigger and stronger the enemies become - none more the Teamster boss, one James Riddle "Jimmy" Hoffa. For several years, the two men had been locked in a battle over Hoffa's strong-arm tactics in the Teamsters Union and his "connections" with organised crime. 

The 1968 Presidential election
With the growing support of the anti-war fever, the leader for the Democratic vote was Eugene McCarthy. McCarthy entered the race after LBJ stepped down, one of the reasons given was because LBJ didn't think himself capable of running the country at his old age. 

McCarthy stormed the polls; voters everywhere got whipped into an anti-war fever and all looked set for him to enter the fray. However, the party chose Hubert Humprey and lost the election to Richard Nixon. A key witness at the infamous Watergate Scandal was a young lawyer called Hillary Rodham - now Hillary Clinton. Did her lies start there, or was it an extension of a flawed perspective?

 One reason put forward for RFK going for President is the fear of another bout of the Communist views that swept the USA in the 50's To this day, the stigma of being classed communist lays on some of the people accused, many careers got destroyed during this period.

Big Brother
So, one brother was killed by any number of people that we know of, and probably some people we don't and the other one murdered because he crossed the big union leader with Mafia connections. 

Edward Kennedy
 The younger brother, and probably the reason for "The Curse" theory. Sure, he is a Kennedy and was involved in a death. But, all he is is a drunken driver who tragically ended the life of a young girl I am not saying he wasn't guilty of a crime, he left the scene of the offence. 

 Look at what happened, a drunken driver on a dark night accidentally drives off a bridge on his way home. If he weren't a Kennedy, nobody would have taken the slightest notice.

I don't see a curse, all I see is three deaths linked to one family. Each death can be viewed as separate occasions, no doubt my views will raise some objections.

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