Friday, 20 November 2015

The thing you love is killing you

Two from Dolly - Varden, not Parton

The title comes from a track by the Chicago-based Americana group Dolly Varden  #DollyVarden Many years ago, I had the pleasure in seeing them perform in Bristol. They are the first group I asked to sign a cd at a gig.

The title is apt for how I have felt for many months - it has little to do with sales of my e-books. The malady is centered around the lack of readers for the blog considering the vast number of connections online. 

I can't wait anymore

My friends tell me it can take ten years or more to get recognised as a writer - to sustain the waiting period, I need faith there is something ahead - at the moment I have no faith When people lie to you, you tend to get blase' about being asked where to buy material. There might be genuine buyers in the world - I would like to think. This writer has been lied to so many times in the past four years; he doesn't believe when people ask him anymore.

The outcome is that having being lied to for four years - mostly by Canadians - and with a low value for the global internet. I am on the verge of giving up writing. I used to enjoy writing but the fun has gone

I might continue writing my stories for a particular friend who enjoys my stories but for the public; I don't see a future for my work. 

When I wrote this article, I was referring to Christmas. With the current sales trend for my once popular series, I don't see the series reaching 600 sales by this time next year.

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