Sunday, 1 November 2015

The story I throw out

The one that got away

The only one - so far
 You may have read on other blogs about the story I threw away. I usually just put them aside for a later date, but this story was so depressing, I couldn't write even a page.  

Author goes missing 
 Part 1 - The story was about a writer who became so well-known he had to leave his family to get the peace to work. His life got plagued by his popularity. 

Part 2 - I wrote a short blog for a former friend about a writer who takes his family on vacation, only to find the mountains overrun by cannibals and he is on the run for his life. I did intend to extend the blog story (1,500 words) into a full story but never got to writing the story. 

Part 3 - Some years ago, I used to write for a Dutch online magazine based in Amsterdam. I got friendly with the editor for some time, I spent time in Amsterdam during my Royal Air Force tour of Germany.  

This article caused a funny comment from one writer. He'd been missing from his blog for weeks and thought the story was aimed at him. I did point out that if he'd taken the time to read the story, not the headline, he would have read it was about me. This wasn't the first time he'd made a fool of himself and it wasn't the last. The last I heard is that last year, he was taking Anne Rice to court over some comments on his blog; talk about too much money. Well, in the words of the Irish poet Brendan Behan, The only bad publicity is your obituary.

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