Monday, 2 November 2015

Re-inventing The Word

Can a popular online serial become another hit e-book?
Two years ago, I started to write an online serial called The Word. The story centred on a group of people who were fighting to regain the imagination of young people, in a world controlled by the Game Lords.

In this dystopian world, reading had become crime and readers of the word were hunted as vermin. 

Into this land, a group grew known as The Word. From many countries and cultures, the people fled from cities in search of the Towers of Enlightenment.   

The Game Lords considered themselves invulnerable, but even they fear the Sand Demons that dwell in the shifting sands of the barren waste - for these demons are not men - they are man & machine working as one. To be stranded outside the city at nightfall is to risk a painful death.

From within their ranks, the Game Lords have men who seek the word. 

Who are the mysterious Wing Riders? Men whose history is unrecorded, and who can track across the endless sands. 

Who is Jericho Mobley? Records tell of a master engineer by that name, but he's been unheard of for many years, can he lead the rebellion? Read an excerpt in

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