Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Perceptions and persecution

It wasn't my fault
It is known to readers of the blog that owing to cyber bullying, I was hounded off the writing site Bookrix.

One of the reason is certain elements of an elite group were worried I was becoming too popular, too fast. The main reason is something more sinister. 

 One of the younger members of the site had the idea of saying she suffered from cancer and being maltreated by her family, to gain sympathy. At the time, this was the third time I was being stalked by young ladies who troll for attention. It is a sad thing that these youngsters feel the need to try and gain favour by feigning illness, or mistreatment - one said she had a brain tumour and the third said she was sexually abused. 

No joke
Naturally, with cancer being a subject you do NOT make fun of, we took her at her word.  When the truth came out, I spoke my mind. Some of us wanted her banned from the site but the elite got their way, all she got was banned from forums for several months. In the end, her folly cost her a lot more - many of her former friends blocked her. 

My censure was called into action for my words. It isn't my fault that what I put into words, many were thinking. I quickly gained mass support and was perceived as a ringleader. All I did was express my opinion - is it my fault it was the view of the masses?

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