Sunday, 1 November 2015


On the dark side
The popular French noir series is set to return in the new year. The series about four French detectives who are forced to cross the line to clear the name of a fellow detective, who was accused of murder is exhilarating. The performances are excellent, and the scripts are taut and ask questions of conscience. How far would you go to clear a friend? Naturally, crossing the line puts the group at odds with the regular police. 

Salamander is a Belgian noir series that is set in Brussels. The main theme centres around a group a bank robbery in which 66 safe deposit boxes are stolen to order. 

 The bank manager is ordered by several of the owners of the boxes to not tell the police of the theft. But, one detective won't let sleeping dogs lie and he chases the criminals, leading to all kinds of threats on his life. What secrets are in the boxes, and why are those people so desperate for the robbery to be kept quiet?

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