Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Nobody asked me

Nobody wanted to hear me
The Bristol City Council's latest harassment of my family has gone - for now. 

Being poor, white and disabled in the UK is classed as a crime The government cuts the benefits you need to survive, and then accuses you of being a scrounger. 

Our house has been forced to have a heating upgrade. Why after living here for nearly 30 do they choose this year? 

What'd I say
The quote from the great Ray Charles tune is a good lead to the next section. 
What I said
When asked if I was warm in my room? I replied I can't get warm.

What the council thought I meant
The council thought I meant that I can't get warm because the room is too cold - wrong. Their answer is to increase the size of the radiator in my room - my worst case scenario. 

Increasing the heat in the room will lead to me suffering a shortness of breath, migraines and restless nights. The position of my room means it will never be warm. My room is behind a garage that draws the cold air and set on a through-passage, with a door to the back garden. By its position my room will always be cold, that isn't a problem.

What I meant
My coldness is a medical condition. For many years, I have had an exothermic constitution. I give out enormous amounts of heat, to the extent that my wife couldn't sleep next to me in the summer. 

This condition causes my core temperature to drop radically. The answer is to get warm from the inside slowly and to keep warm by clothing.

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