Sunday, 15 November 2015

My poor laptop

Seven years loyal service
Four years ago, I should have bought a new laptop but I never had the money. I find myself with a failing laptop that keeps and giving until one he won't be able to give. 

I need the laptop because good as my Chromebook is; it doesn't do what I need to work. The Cbook won't read one of my USB sticks, and I do need the disc drive.

You won't see much of me on Facebook in the future, the pro - Palestine slant and promotion of violence against innocent Jews I find offensive. If you don't believe the site is anti-Isreali, why are 25,000 Israelis taking Facebook to court for inciting anti-Israeli violence.

I can hear the argument about coverage again. For all the coverage the blog gets from Facebook, I think I can miss the dozen or so readers a day.

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