Friday, 13 November 2015

Love me or loathe me

Irony is fun
Again, the image of Hilary Clinton at the Benghazi Committee meeting comes to my mind.

The image this time stands for the vast number of people who have over the years lied to me - asking where to buy my books - but not buying any. 

The Irony
The irony is the thing that once hurt so badly is now so boring it isn't even laughable. Years ago, I passed the point of caring when people ask - sure, I tell them - and I know that is the end of the matter.

My view - like me in many ways - is easy to understand. Most people's first port of call is either Amazon or Barnes & Noble if they don't know that then they can't be serious. My e-books are also on sale on Draft2Digital.

Love me or loathe me
But don't think I care if you ask about my sales platforms - the only thing you did - was convince me of how worthless everyone thinks my work has been, and so hastened the end of my writing experience. 

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