Thursday, 19 November 2015

Jeb Vs Hilary

At the beginning of the current presidential campaign, there was conjecture it might be a Bush Vs Clinton fight again.

Jeb Bush
The Bush family have been the dominant factor in recent US politics, with both his grandfather and father as presidents, people thought Jeb may continue the dynasty - although the family don't look on themselves as a dynasty. 

Hilary Clinton
 Mrs Clinton has had her mind set on the White House since her husband entered politics, and would love nothing more than to start a new dynasty, especially with her daughter to come into the fray shortly. 

Carly Fiorina
Sadly, Mrs Fiorina may well be the next drop out for the Republican Party; she was always a long shot, but her recent showing in the polls is on the downslope. I realise there is a long way to go yet, but she's not making any headway.

Tina Frey
In the above picture, I realised Carly look like Tina Frey in 30 Rock. I hadn't seen the TV series until a month ago, so the resemblance didn't show until now. 

Flaws in the plan
Both Jeb and Hilary have serious flaws in their plans - in my view - Jeb's flaw is that he's running from Florida, there has never been a US President from that state. Other than New York, the highest represented state is Ohio. The vast majority of the states have never had a president. 

Mrs Clinton's flaw is that she is a habitual liar. The public is arriving at the point they don't believe she is capable of telling the truth. Did this start with Watergate, or was that just an extension of an already flawed personality?

While Bernie Sanders gains support among the Democratic Party supporters, the Republican Party appears to be rushing into a violent maelstrom of one of two bad choices - in my opinion in the UK.

Donald Trump

There is a long road ahead and although "The Donald" is losing headway, he made enough in the early stages of the race not to be concerned.  Appointing him as a leader would be an unmitigated disaster because his personality would anger many lesser people. Don't forget, he was declared bankrupt four times

Ben Carson 
 Mr Carson is making a rep for telling half the truth to make his point, not a good thing to do as a leader. In my view, his polite and gentle persona will be perceived as being weak at a time when the war with ISIS needs to upgraded. Obama only attacked Syria because the Russians did. 

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