Sunday, 1 November 2015

Is our path preordained?

Do we have the choice?
Facebook quizzes
 To wile the time away, sometimes I partake in the quizzes on Facebook. One question I ask myself Do my choices influence the answer, or am I heading to one of a set number of destinations?

Are our lives like that? A series of preordained goals, of which we have no knowledge. Are we just making decisions to get us to a set destination, rather than choosing our destiny?

 As I came to question some of my earlier choices. Things I do/did that at the time meant nothing, I find myself questioning their cause.

 Anyone who has read my blog for any length of time will notice I rarely blog about sports; I may do the occasional blog about motorcycle racing, but that is all. I have never been any good at sports, even in school. The only sport I was good at was long distance swimming. 

 Sleeping is something most of us never gave second thought, sleeping is usually done for comfort (or so we think). In the last two years with the discovery that I suffer from, I began to wonder if sleeping on my left side had more to do with a faulty lung than needing my right hand free at night. I found out last year that my left lung is malformed and laying on that side helped the air flow. Was my body telling me something subliminally?

 Since my school days, my friends have told me that I'm an excellent storyteller. I don't know where the art came from as neither of my parents were great readers. In my view, I'm more like my late uncle John, he was a great storyteller in his day. As I get older, I realise who little I am like my parents.

Or am I just overthinking my choices? I am prone to dissect things too much - a bad trait.

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