Friday, 27 November 2015

I'm surrounded by words

A plague is upon me
Books and words
Although my books never sold - forcing me to quit writing - I am surrounded by the works of other writers. 

I have a varied selection of books from the shelves of, a site I had hopes of writing for at the start of the year but in my eagerness to impress I sent in shoddy work and ruined my only chance. 

My library

Although my sales are less than satisfactory, my library increases in size every month I sit surrounded by the works of writers from all ages and eras. It was a dream of mine, one day I would see one of my books in print - well, I can dream can't I?

Books or television
Whether in books or on the TV, I am surrounded by the works of writers who had ideas that people liked. An editor sees a story they like and contacts a producer and the series gets shown on TV if the bosses approve. 

The writers write their stories and fans look forward to the next books. 

I spend my meagre earnings buying books and DVDs I like, the money I spend is far more than what I earn. I spend large amounts of money while asking for only small change for my work -

I would have continued, but I see no point any longer - It's hard to think I used to get such joy from writing that I could lose days lost in my worlds of imagination - But, I suppose, all things have their time - in the beginning it was hard not writing but as time passed things changed, mainly I passed the point of caring

The end
The time has come for me to accept my small hopes of success are over. The series did well by selling almost 600 e-books in 18 months. To some extent Forgestriker - the book - beat the odds and is a hit. One good selling book in seven is great, however, one in thirty-seven in lousy, and that is the rate of my success.

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