Wednesday, 11 November 2015

I write like

Some things were correct
Years ago, I put some samples of my work on a comparison software called I write like. The software compares your writing with a database of other writers - I got some amazing answers - some were on the mark, others were far from what I was trying to achieve. 

To Elfenmere
I was trying to get the feel of fantasy writer David Gemmell in this book What did I get - Jane Austen - while I admire the lady's work, in no way would I class my style like hers. For one thing, in her day, the style was to fill the pages with masses of details of the clothes and rooms, that is something I'm incapable of doing in my style. My style is more like Mickey Spillane

The Dockland Murders

Tough, gritty and fast moving - words used to describe the Pat Canella series. This series was supposed to be in the style of Mickey Spillane - it was compared to the work of Chuck Palahniuk of "Fight Club" fame. While Fight Club is about outsiders fighting against society, I never classed Pat Canella as an outsider. The tough PI is an outsider because she's ahead of her time in wanting "real" work, not just to be seen as a girl. 

The Word
This is one story the software got correct. My sample was compared to the Ray Bradbury classic sci-fi story Fahrenheit 451. While not trying to copy the story, the story does mix Fahrenheit 451 with Mad Max.
Chronicles of Mark Johnson
I wonder what the software would make of my award-winner Chronicles of Mark Johnson and my bestseller sci-fi series

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