Sunday, 22 November 2015

I was there

The ghost of RAF Cosford

RAF Cosford
 In the spring of 1979, I did my trade training at RAF Cosford, near Wolverhampton. Our group helped set up what later became the indoor athletic track used by many athletes from the UK.

On a search about the author Dennis Wheatley, I noticed he was involved in a research group called The Ghost Club; this group researches reports of ghosts, many of whom are on airbases in the UK. One such was the ghost at RAF Cosford.

 I don't know what you feel about the topic of spirits, I believe in the spirit world - a lot of people tell me that is why my ghost stories are so good. 

 The area around Wolverhampton was populated with USAAF bases during World War 2 and many stories of people seeing ghostly images have been recorded. My story is fiction, but it is typical of the reports that came to light during the  1970's. 

 I have been in hangars late at night, and I can tell you they are spooky places with all types of noises; some you can't explain.

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