Sunday, 15 November 2015

I am a celeb

Contrary to my beliefs

There is no way I can avoid admitting; there is am an element of truth in what my friends say - "I am a #bestseller in the world of #scifi

I will never be what I class as a bestseller, but after selling over 700 e-books in under three years, I am regularly told this is far more sales than many #Indie #author. I can't verify the fact, and being honest I doubt it.

The success of my series is as much a shock to me now as it has been through the life of Forgestriker.

I have to accept that I have become popular beyond my dreams, and despite this month being my worst on Draft2Digital, I intend to expand my uncharted world of sci-fi. 

Thank you, readers, for making this a successful series.

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