Friday, 20 November 2015

I am always improving

To Elfenmere
A much-praised short story. Here are two comments on my Medieval short story that was to inspire the beginning of the story Mordhiemicus 

Al Place has a way of spinning a tale that gets you turning the pages only to realize you are on the last page! The story was full of action and just when I was ready for more the story ended, although it was a complete story. The dialogue was exciting and the characters real. Looking forward to the next one!  (Yezall Strongheart) - the author of "Bring 'em back alive. 

Anyway, this is my personal take: Well, what a story! You certainly know how to tell a tale and the imagery is very striking, as is the sense of suspense. Keep up the good work! The 
editor of Vintage Script magazine Emma Louise Oram.

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