Saturday, 7 November 2015

Education isn't everything

Some things are common sense

During my six years in the Royal Air Force, I came to the conclusion that being educated can in some cases make you less aware of common sense. 

Case 1
I was at RAF Lossiemouth, it was a cold, windy, rainy night and I was walking from the main gate back to the block. A car passed me, and screeched to a halt; then a voice called out "Airman don't you salute your Commanding Officer?" 

The station commander's car has a star plate. On a bright morning, he had a good point but this was a dark, rainy night. I barely saw the outline of the car, how was I to see a small plate on the bumper?

Case 2
 NBC Exercises are Nuclear, Biological, Chemical training aides. By definition, the term, Nuclear includes electromagnetic pulses. So, on the onset of an exercise, what do the officers do? Phone everyone - duh!!!!! I didn't go to any top university/college, but even I know the first thing that goes down is the radio and telephone services.  We've all witnessed the actions on the internet of solar flares; a nuclear attack would be far worse and far longer. 

San Fransisco, 1989
In 1989, there was a major earthquake in San Fransisco Because of the quake, the only signals coming out of the locale were on the Short Wave band, sent by radio hams. I remember the day well, how could I forget it, I was told a good friend of mine had committed suicide.

We could not prove who drove him to take his life, but everyone knew the answer - if someone had asked questions, the Freemasons would have closed ranks to protect their own - as they did before

These are two of many instances I recall from my days in the RAF.

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