Monday, 16 November 2015

Book signings

The running joke 
Book signing
For as long as my friends have been reading my stories, my friends in the UK and I have had a running joke. The joke is they'd be willing for me to stay with them while I did a book signing in their area. 

It is a safe thought because there is no chance of me doing a book signing. Long before I became virtually housebound, I decided I couldn't do a signing. I admire writers like Raymond E. Feist seen with me at a signing, two years ago in Bristol, for being able to do them. Many friends have said these events are a great boost and love doing them, but it won't happen to me, on my watch. 

The reason is simple to understand - I am too shy to consider a signing. While the book Forgestriker continues to be an outstanding success, and I am a popular #scifi writer, I don't, and will never consider myself more than a mediocre writer unless my sales extend beyond one book. 

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