Friday, 20 November 2015

Another mistake?

Promoting other people

I may have made a fatal error of judgement - not my first - and probably not my last. 

I was offered a paying opportunity as a writer, the drawback is my writing would get no advancement, only the site I wrote for you gain from my writing.  

Today's post contains links to a site called Blasting News, and they were willing to pay about $50 an article for me to promote their site.

Three years ago, I turned down an opportunity to write for Horny Devil Publishing House in Miami. My reason for turning HDP down was I considered what they wanted me to write was bordering on illegal. I put erotic love stories in my work, but the love is a part of the story, not the story. I doubted my choice at the time, and have done since the day, one thing is clear to me - I couldn't write only erotica.

I probably WILL REGRET this decision but if my work isn't being allowed to get a little help, I'm not interested, Oh! Did I mention most of the hot items are gossip for celebs. If you want to know my view on celebrity life read my award-winning e-book

 I have let another opportunity slip - or have I? - I saw no benefit to my work, and #TBH why should I promote someone the site, as I am not allowed a little self-promotion?

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