Saturday, 14 November 2015

A sobering thought

Catch - 22
Most people are aware of the term Catch - 22 meaning a no - win scenario. The term comes from the novel of the same title by Joseph Heller  In short, the basis of the story centres on the attempts of a tail-gunner in a WW2 bomber to get out of flying, by trying to convince a doctor that he is insane. But, by an effort to prove his insanity the man shows he's sane enough to realise the imminent dangers.

My next thought may come as a  surprise to some of you; recently I have seriously considered the possibility of getting myself committed to a mental health institute.

To people who read my posts - whether on Facebook, or Twitter or on here - the problem would appear to be my lack of sales considering the time I used to spend writing, that is only a small fraction of the issue. Most of the issues are private and unheard.

I don't think of this action jokingly, I seriously consider my mental health has deteriorated so much this year with the constant harassment of our council under the guise of upgrading the heating in the home. 

Thereby hangs the issue, if I think I may be going mad, does that show that I am still lucid?

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