Saturday, 14 November 2015

A funny thing happened

Klout is a site that judges how well you are being seen online, and it came up with an interesting insight on my writing.

According to the blog, Twitter is lucky to bring in two or three readers a day, yet according to Klout over 55% of my writing is read on Twitter. 

While Facebook has less than 45% of my writing activity noted, the blog regularly brings in about 200 Facebook readers a day.

The poster
The poster on here is from the evening 18 months ago when I gave a reading for my best seller Forgestriker. Although I was nervous - my last public event was in college in the mid-1970s - the reading went exceptionally well, and I left the stage to a standing ovation. Sadly, this was the only public performance as I became victim to a mix of jealousy, politics and lynch mob mentality. I got thrown out of the group without a chance to defend myself against something I said on Facebook.

I reposted a post against the vile habit of dog fighting, and before you could say "breeder", I was accused of supporting a radical terrorist faction. I tried to explain my position, but nobody wanted to know.  Also, nobody had the guts to stand up on my behalf and say "Shouldn't we listen to Alan's side of this before casting him out!" No, they went with the leader of the group because he has connections in Bristol.

The result - I got thrown out by mob mentality. I am not worried, the evening was costly and very tiring for me. As much as I enjoyed the meeting, I couldn't have gone to many, not only because of the financial aspect, being disabled made it physically draining for me - I was bad for three days after the meeting. The group? Disbanded less than six months later - the problem is that while they had a growing group of listeners, they had a stagnant section of readers.

While my loss as a person was insignificant, my loss as one of the readers was significant. 

At the time. the e-book had only been out three months, but it was a hot seller even that early in its lifespan. The series wasn't finished for several months, not that it made any difference, few of the books sold well.

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