Thursday, 29 October 2015

You ARE the best!

To my readers 

Thank you

 I would like to thank My readers for making my series such a huge, and continuing, success. 

The problem is thank you goes nowhere near being how I want to thank you. Without your support, I wouldn't have the success this year. 

Threepeat part 1
Last night Forgestriker completed a remarkable feat, she became the only the e-book to sell more than ten copies in consecutive months, and in doing so, set up the opportunity for a double threepeat. 

Threepeat part 2
 With the sales of two copies of Forgestriker last night, the scene is set for a third consecutive month of over 20 sales. A day I never thought would come, and all because of the readers on Barnes & Noble and the wonderful sales programs from Draft2Digital.

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