Thursday, 29 October 2015

Will it be Hilary Vs Carly?

The first lady
With the third Republican Party debate over and Donald Trump beginning to fall in the polls. The recent verdict of the voters is the party is is desperate need of a good leader.

Hilary Clinton
 There is no doubt Mrs Clinton won the country over in the recent inquest with 3 out of 4 viewers more concerned at the time and money spent by the Republicans in trying to discredit her. Hilary Clintons' track record of lies and deceit won't sit well with voters; that is why Bernie Sanders is closing in on her, and why she was pleased Joe Biden stepped down.

Carly Fiorina
 While Mrs Fiorina lacks knowledge of the machinations of politics, she was the CEO of one of the largest computer firms in Hewlett Packard, so, she has people skills. Something Mrs Clinton lacks. At the second GOP debate, Mrs Fiorina was a clear winner.  While the polls are showing Ben Carson as the front-runner, as I said in my post, I don't think he's got the steel for politics.

Marco Rubio
 The third contender is Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Thereby is his problem. There has never been a President from that state; historically speaking, the South & SouthEast states fare poorly. On the other hand, they're not alone; the majority (80%)  of the Presidents come from about 15% of the states. Outside of New York the next highest is Ohio.

Hilary or Carly?
 If it came to the ladies, who would you vote for?

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