Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The November plan

Germany 1978
A chilling story, more chilling for being based on a true story. 

Chains of thought
 It's strange how thinking of one subject can lead me to make new discoveries - this is one case. 

Recently, I was reading an article on CNN based on a suggestion from the Republican Party debate about impeaching Barack Obama

 The article had me thinking how many presidents had been accused before him - we all remember Richard Nixon. What I didn't realise is Lyndon Johnson almost got impeached.

 There are numerous theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, from a communist plot to a military scheme over the Bay of Pigs incident. If Kennedy hadn't been killed, LBJ was going to be impeached for using funds to boost his VP run. When LBJ became President, the threat dissipated, but the evidence remains. 

In my view, Lee Harvey Oswald was a scapegoat, he was shot by Jack Ruby so the truth would die with him. I think the real killer was the mysterious gunman on the knoll. If you watch the video of the killing, you'll see the second shot as JFKs' head rolls a second time.

 Despite the traditional conception of JFK, he was quickly becoming a public liability to both the government and the family with his variety of affairs. We'll never know for sure who was the killer, or who planned the killing; there are too many possibilities in the mix to be definite. 

The November Plan 
 When I was in Germany, I saw a film called The November Plan. The story in short is about a plan to overthrow the US Government, and impose control with a coup led by Generals.  While the film was thrilling and entertaining, what I didn't realise until last night is that the movie is based on real events. 

In 1933, there was a plan set up to overthrow President Franklin D. Roosevelt, among those involved in the plot was Major General Smedley Butler

A committee was formed, and the businessmen accused of the plot denied everything - naturally. However, the committee did find some truths in Butlers' testimony and concluded that had the backers ordered the money to be sent, the putsch may have taken place.

 While watching the film, I noted one thing that other people missed. The reels were in the wrong order; it wasn't until after about 20 mins that the credits were shown. 

 The actor Lloyd Nolan played Smedley. Last night reading the varied articles, I noticed the facial similarities between the actor and the person he portrayed.

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